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Child Learns From Big Bird, Helps Save Mother's...

Posted May 30, 1997 12:00 a.m. EDT

— Gage Cheatem knew he needed to call 911 to help his mother when she passed out on the kitchen floor. Big Bird on Sesame Street had showed him how.

But the phone high on the wall was beyond the 2-1/2-year-old's reach.

So, Gage stacked books on a kitchen chair and then pushed the chair beneath the phone last week to make the call.

Gage told a local dispatcher his mom was sick, his name, his dad's name and his mom's name - ``mommy.''

Jordan Fitzpatrick, Gage's mother, said this week she had been feeling sick for several days and collapsed while getting her son a cup of milk.

Fitzpatrick, 14 weeks pregnant with her third child, had a kidney infection and was going into septic shock. She ended up spending four days in the hospital, and she said Gage's call saved her unborn child from infection.

Gage didn't stop helping after dialing 911. While his mom was unconscious, Gage fetched a bottle from the refrigerator for his infant sister, Hannah, and fed her.

``We're very proud of him,'' Fitzpatrick said.