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Wilson Inspectors Checking Rental Housing

Posted May 29, 1997 12:00 a.m. EDT

— If you've ever listened to a leaky faucet or tried to get in touch with a distant landlord, you know how frustrating a bad rental experience can be. Now, Wilson inspectors are tackling the problem head-on, but their mission could take years to complete.

Steven Rogers has seen his share of houses and apartments in terrible condition. The Wilson housing inspector is now beginning a three year inspection project that will check every single rental property in the city.

Rogers' crew is starting the systematic inspections in parts of Wilson where tenants complain the most. He says he's not surprised by the problems he's finding.

So far, the city has inspected 600 homes and, of that number, only 30 have passed on the first inspection. That means inspectors are finding only one in 20 homes with no code violations. Rogers says those that pass tend to be newer or newly remodeled, but that even they might have four or five violations.

Cynthia Sims rents an apartment in Wilson. She believes she'll benefit from the city's move. An inspection now means she has a stronger case if she ever has a problem.

Rogers is glad to know his inspections are helping renters, but he has a lot of work ahead before the city-wide inspection is through.