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Sampson County Senior Will Get More Than Diploma

Posted May 29, 1997 12:00 a.m. EDT

— A Sampson County senior will soon graduate with an honor that's taken 13 years to earn. Jacqueline Spell will get her diploma along with her classmates, but there's one accomplishment that makes her stand out.

On Awards Day at Midway High School, the faculty recognizes scholarship winners, congratulates academic achievers, and rewards the faithful. Spell, after attending school for 13 years without ever missing a day, is certainly one of the faithful.

Dependability runs in the Spell family along with a competitive spirit. Spell's parents, Ann and Earl Spell, say their daughter has always wanted to beat her father's perfect school attendance record.

Jacqueline Spell says, even while battling a cold virus or other ailment, coming to school was never like taking bitter medicine.

In all the areas she enjoyed Jacqueline Spell excelled. She is graduating with honors in athletics and academics. She will go off to college in the fall with a pocket full of scholarships.