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Police Commit to Fighting Crime in Raleigh Neighborhood

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RALEIGH — People in one Raleigh neighborhood say theyfeel safer because of some new occupants in the area. That's becauseit's the police who have moved into College Park and they intend to movethe criminals out.

A community barbeque provided a start Thursday by giving residents achance to get to know the police officers. Officers say earning the trustof people who live in the area is a big factor in solving problems.

The new mobile compass station is just a few doors away from where a4-year-old boy was shot in February. That incident left a lot of peoplescared, but police hope to turn this around.

Police even volunteered to spread mulch and do some planting in CollegePark because they want to do what they can to make a difference in theneighborhood.

Raleigh Police Officer Greg Porterfield says the neighborhood isalready doing better.

College Park resident Deborah Murphy says help comes quickly thesedays.

Long-term residents say the neighborhood has deteriorated in recentyears. One woman said it seems like she hears gunfire all night long andthat people have been afraid to go outdoors at night.

Officer Robert Newman says he hopes that will change.

Police say one great thing about the mobile unit is that, if theymanage to move criminals and drug dealers out of one neighborhood intoanother, they can follow with the unit before crime becomes entrenched inthe new area.

Five officers will staff the unit 24-hours-a-day. All of themvolunteered for the duty.

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