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Doggone Dilemma: Who Owns Jake?

Posted May 29, 1997 12:00 a.m. EDT

— There is a bitter battle brewing between two Rocky Mount men over a pet boxer. The question: Who owns Jake?

The big brown boxer had been at the Nash County animal shelter for 72 hours. He was about to be put to sleep when Larry Brown showed up.

Brown says he saved the dog's life at the last minute.

Brown says Jake seemed to be a perfect match for the family until the dog's original owner came into the picture. Roy Morgan owned the dog for four years. Then, two weeks ago, Jake ran away.

Morgan and his wife say they spent several days looking for the dog and that they didn't know Nash County had an animal shelter until it was too late. Morgan says Jake was just a puppy when he first got him.

Morgan got the new owner's address and phone number from the animal shelter and left Brown a message. Brown says he thought the message was less than polite.

Next, Brown says, Morgan drove by his house and shouted at Brown's son. Morgan says he told the boy he wanted his dog back.

Brown says he his family have grown attached to the pet and they have no intentions of giving him back.

The Nash County animal shelter says the adopting owner's name and phone number is a public record. Morgan, the original owner, says he plans to go to court to get the dog back. Wisdom Martin reporting