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Family Finds Pet Dogs Shot to Death

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RALEIGH — A Wake County family and the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty toAnimals are offering a $1000 reward for information on whokilled two of the family's dogs.

The two pets were found dead in their doghouse at a family business onLake Wheeler Road near the state Farmer's Market, said owner BetseyMartin.Her 11-year-old son Patrick found the animals early Wednesday morning.

Shot to death were Rosie, a 10-year-old shepherd mix, and Bubba, a3-year-old pit bull mix. A 7-year-old English setter named Jeremy was notharmed. The dogs were shot with a small-caliber weapon. The Martinfamily is still wondering why anyone would shoot their dogs withoutreason.

Rosie was shot in her side and Bubba through the heart. Patrick had foundthem in the dog house. One of them was upside down, while the other wasleft with his teeth clenched and his eyes wide open.

Raleigh police are investigating the shootings. Officers say it lookslike a random act of violence. This isn't the first time there's beentrouble in this neighborhood with animals. Back about seven years agosomebody poisoned two dogs that were keeping watch over a business.Despite what happened a few years back, animal control officers say thiskind of attack is rare.

The shooting is reason enough for Betsey Martin to move Jeremy awayfrom his home. Martin says she won't keep any more dogs at the business.Not only did someone kill the family pets, they also killed her 11 yearold's heart.

If you know anything about the shooting you can call the Wake County SPCAat (919)772-3203.

Betsy Sykes reporting