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Weekend Drowning Reinforces nee

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RALEIGH — When Russell Lambert dove into the LumberRiver Saturday, his friends expected the 15-year-old to surface with asmile, enjoying the cool water on a hot day. However, Lambertnever came back to the top. He drowned inthe river, near Pembroke in Robeson County.

The weekend tragedy may serve as a reminder to people who cool off in watering holes to keep safety in mind. As a large crowd converged onWake County's Silver Lake Monday, parents kept a watchful eye on theirchildren. They wanted to be sure that their kids were playing it safe.

Marilyn Ricks protects her child by keeping him in a lifejacket while he'splaying in the lake. Ricks also stays close by, keeping an eye on herson while he's around water.

Lifeguard Scot Gordon told WRAL-TV5's Mark Roberts that you cannot be toocareful in the water. Gordon reminds swimmers to use common sense whileat play.

Supervision is the key to staying safe on the water, experts say. Try toswim in areas with a lifeguard on duty. If you swim in an unguarded area,make sure that one person stays on-shore as a spotter. Use the buddysystem when you swim, and make sure that you have a floatation devicenearby to aid in a rescue. Finally, never swim in rough water. Expertssay that high, choppy water is the most deadly.

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