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Blood Donors Sought

Posted May 26, 1997 12:00 a.m. EDT

— If you are ready to roll up your sleeve, the Red Cross is ready with a glass of orange juice, a cookie and a big thank you. Blood donations are needed to keep pace with the population growth in the area, as well with our tendency to jump in the car for our vacations. Traffic accidents increase demand for blood supplies.

Gina McLarahmore, director of Cary's Red Cross center told

Home-related accidents, surgery and cancer patients often require transfusions as well, which means there are many people depending on a supply of blood.

At this time of year, alas, some large resources vanish. College students leave the area and large companies hold off on blood drives until the fall. Ninety percent of the blood supply in the Triangle comes from those two sources.

For the past week, blood centers have been calling their regular donors to alert them that the blood supply is low, particularly O negative, O positive, B negative and AB negative.

The following Red Cross centers will be open for donations on Memorial Day, as well as weekdays. Cary-- 305-A Ashville Ave., 851-5747; Durham-- 4737 University Dr., 489-6541; Raleigh-- 100 Peartree Lane; 231-1602.