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Arson Suspected in Hoke Fire

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Fire Marshal Mitchell Byrd discusses the fire's path.
RAEFORD — Firefighters were called to a farm just after4 a.m. Monday morning, where two chicken houses were ablaze.

Hoke County Fire Marshal Mitchell Byrd there were no birds in thehouses. He said the blaze began low on the wall, moved up and spreadacross the underside of the roof and down the opposite side.

The structures are valued at $100,000 - $115,000 each and the firemarshal estimated the damage at $60,000 - $70,000 each. Also, a vehiclewas burned separately beside the buildings.

Arson is suspected, and Byrd is continuing his investigation at thescene. An area has been found where diesel fuel may have been spread. Alsoinvolved in the blaze were chemicals stored inside the chicken houses.

No suspects have been mentioned. Owner Willie Sampson said that neighbors have been complaining about the houses.

Sampson has a total of four houses at the site. He built the facilityin 1992, and said he intends to rebuild.

The houses are located on Albert Curry Road near the Robeson Countyline.

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