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Holiday Travelers Get Early Dose of Bumper to Bumper Traffic

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Friday's scene on I-95 in Johnston Co.
RALEIGH — Thousands of people trying to get a head start on the weekend ran intoquite a surprise Friday afternoon. Traffic was bumper to bumper onsouthbound I-95 in Johnston County where an accident caused a heavyback-up. The conjestion cleared up shortly after five'o'clock.

The early dose of traffic probably won't be the last motorists run intoover the Memorial Day weekend. AAA national headquarters reports nearly31 million Americans are going to leave home for the holiday. You canexpect state troopers out in droves, watching the roads and watching fordrunk drivers.

Checkpoints will be set up statewide to monitor motorists' efforts tobuckle up and stay sober. The Highway Patrol wants to remind travelers totake their time. They say it's when folks get anxious that accidentshappen.