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Conference on Aging Looks at Baby Boomers

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RALEIGH — Growing old is something many of peopledread, but a group of North Carolina senior citizens is trying to put ashine on the golden years.

A joint conference put together by American Association of RetiredPersons, the State Division of Aging, and the North Carolina Senior Gamesis underway. They say the face of North Carolina is changing.

Nationwide, North Carolina has the 11th highest population of adultsover the age of fifty and older adults are the fastest growing section ofNorth Carolina's population, with baby boomers going gray.

The Confernce on Aging called "Live Better Longer" is tapping intoseniors' concerns. Mary Bethel of the NC Division on Aging says continuedindependence is one of the biggest.

There are a host of ideas to help people gro older better at this 4-dayconference, but there are also ideas to help protect them from thingssuch as telephone fraud.

Seniors attending this conference are not taking aging sitting down.Governor Jim Hunt said he sees potential.

Now, seniors are building a list of demands from the legislature and, as the graying population grows, so does the likelhood that those demandswill be met.

The Aging Conference continues Thursday. Representatives Bob Etheridge andEva Clayton are scheduled speakers.

WRAL's Bret Baier reporting