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Water Restrictions Are in Effect in Harnett County

Posted May 20, 1997 12:00 a.m. EDT

— People who live in Harnett County will have to go elsewhere for their water sports this weekend. The county is facing a water shortage and an improved system won't be ready for a while.

Currently, residents are being asked to start using less water at home. That means don't fill pools or water lawns. While some are concerned about restrictions coming on a holiday weekend, county officials have been concerned about water problems for some time.

A new 12 million gallon treatment facility is currently under construction. It was originally scheduled to be up and running by now but it is behind schedule. The county is growing very fast and so much water was used last weekend that officials had to dip into reserve supplies. That's a dangerous position for the county to be in this early in the season.

Rodney Tart, director of public utilities for Harnett County, says restrictions will be in effect for at least two weeks.

The new 60 million gallon reservoir is not expected to be open until July.

With water restrictions in place, meter readers will be going around to different neighborhoods throughout the night to ensure that residents are in compliance. Those who disregard restrictions will be fined.