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Former DMV Officials Take the Stand in House...

Posted May 19, 1997 12:00 a.m. EDT

— A state House committee heard crucial testimony Monday in its investigation of a payoff to a former DMV employee.

Former Divsion of Motor Vehicles Commissioner Alexander Killens and former Deputy Transportation Secretary Fred Aikens took turns in the hot seat, answering questions about Algie Toomer -- a former DMV officer who received a new job at the Department of Human Resources and a $100,000 settlement from the state in March after threatening to file a suit. Toomer alleged that DMV officials harrassed, threatened, and falsely investigated him.

Toomer also said that some DMV officers were jealous of his rise to prominence as Commissioner Killens' personal driver. However, Killens testified that there was no special treatment for Toomer.

As far as the state's settlement with Toomer, former Deputy Transportation Secretary Fred Aikens said that many people at the Department of Transportation were hesitant to sign it. Aikens said that he did not sign the settlement for many reasons.

Toomer, being represented by the North Carolina Police Benevolent Association, was unavailable for comment Monday evening.