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African Ambassadors Look for Solutions on N.C. Farms

Posted May 19, 1997 12:00 a.m. EDT

— They've traveled halfway around the world to learn from the best. A group of African diplomats is in the Tarheel State, learning first-hand about life on North Carolina farms.

Fifteen ambassadors from Africa spent Monday touring farms in Johnston and Wake Counties. With millions of acres of farm land and millions of starving people, Africa is looking to North Carolina farmers for new ideas.

The delegates started near Benson, visiting Leonard Wood's small produce farm. Wood told the diplomats that he hoped to exchange agricultural ideas with them, establshing a link between two very different styles of farming. Wood, whose nickname is "Happy," also wanted to give the visitors an idea of how enjoyable farming can be.

Mamadou Seck, a delegate from the Republic of Senegal, said that food processing is big business in his country. After a day on the farm in North Carolina, he says that he liked what he saw.

The ambassadors plan to visit other farms in North Carolina before moving on to South Carolina and Georgia.