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Faith Helps Church Members Recover After Senseless Crime

Posted May 18, 1997 12:00 a.m. EDT

— Members of the Bethal A.M.E. Church stumbled onto vandalism inside the church early Sunday morning and found that someone had committed a senseless crime.

Church spokesman, Dr. Charles Blalock sees the vandalism as a sign of a much larger problem.

According to officials, damage to the nearly 100 year-old church involved some unknown fluid and emblems on the floor. There was also a "liturgical cloth" or "sash" on the floor that was partially burned.

Church member Clarice Loftin says that brighter days are ahead. She feels that this congregation will pick up the pieces after this tragedy.

Police have no motive for this insensitive crime, but have questioned one juvenile in connection with this case. They hope to make an arrest in the next few days. Any suspect arrested will face breaking and entering charges as well as arson charges.

Police did say that the crime was not racially motivated.