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Tesh Talk

Posted May 16, 1997 12:00 a.m. EDT

— The Walnut Creek concert season opens with a local act who's made it big. Of course, when John Tesh was a local act, he was a radio DJ along with WRAL-TV's Bill Leslie. Now, he's one of the hottest concert performers in the country.

Former roommates Tesh and Leslie were reunited today during WRAL-TV's Noon News.

The new release "Spanish Steps," from his latest CD called "Avalon" has made Tesh one of the hottest concert attractions of the season.

It's a long way from his radio days with Bill Leslie. "This was a huge place for me. I mean you and I were roommates and you taught me how to run the board at WKIX, which was an AM station. 'I'm John Tesh, WKIX, 20/20 News.' I used to practice all the time! Away from radio and national television jobs, Tesh honed his musical skills, and says he's found his real love... performing for fans of his music. "We really have a good bunch of people on stage, and it's a wonderful feeling sitting behind a piano in front of that many people. It's a connection that I worked a real long time trying to build.

Tonight is John Tesh's only Raleigh appearance this season. He'll be in Asheville tomorrow night. On the 23rd you can catch his show in Charlotte.