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RALEIGH — The Walnut Creek concert season opens with a local act who's made it big.Of course, when John Tesh was a local act, he was a radio DJ along withWRAL-TV's Bill Leslie. Now, he's one of the hottest concert performers inthe country.

Former roommates Tesh and Leslie were reunited today during WRAL-TV's Noon News.

The new release "Spanish Steps," from his latest CD called "Avalon"has made Tesh one of the hottest concert attractions ofthe season.

It's a long way from his radio days with Bill Leslie."This was a huge place for me. I mean you and I were roommates and you taught me how to run the board at WKIX, which was an AMstation. 'I'm John Tesh, WKIX, 20/20 News.' I used to practice all thetime!Away from radio and national television jobs, Tesh honed his musicalskills, and says he's found his real love... performing for fans of hismusic."We really have a good bunch of people on stage, and it's awonderful feeling sitting behind a piano in front of that many people. It's a connection that I worked a real long time trying tobuild.

Tonight is John Tesh's only Raleigh appearance this season. He'll be inAsheville tomorrow night. On the 23rd you can catch his show inCharlotte.