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Headless Body Was Just the Beginning of Strange Saga

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FAYETTEVILLE — What began with the discovery of aheadless body in a neighborhood lake has become a tangled tale of drugs,money and several suspects.

A second suspect, David Lundgren, was arrested Thursday in connection with the death of Mauricio Raul Campanio.

Investigators believe the crime was linked to what is known as the"drug pipeline" that runs along Interstate 95, through Fayetteville.

They say Kun Young Yoon, who was arrested and charged withmurder on May 14, was delivering drugs to Cumberland County.

"Basically, from what we understand, the victim was bringing some drugsfrom Florida to New York," said Fayetteville police Det. KatherineGuilette. "Fayetteville is a stopping point, and the suspect is someonewho lives here in Fayetteville that he brought drugs to."

Authorities do not,however, think that the decapitation was intended to sendsome sort of message to others involved in drug trafficking. Apparently itbecame a necessity.

"He had a couple of days where, I guess, he wasn't sure of how todispose of the body," Guilette said. "And once he did make a decision on what he was going to doandtried to get the body out of the car, rigor mortis had set in, and he wasnot able to get the body out of the trunk without cutting off the head."

Detectives say Yoon then took the victim to Lundgren's home on LomondLake. According to court papers, the two carried the body down to agazebo, tied weights to it, and loaded it in a boat.

Police say Lundgren told them that he was the one who threw the body overboard. Lundgren has been charged with being anaccessory after thefact.

Police are currently looking into the possibility of other activity inthe vicinity of the Village Gate apartment complex, where officers arrested Yoon.

Relatives of Yoon say they were shocked when he was arrestedand that they don't believe he was involved in the crimes.

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