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Posted May 15, 1997 12:00 a.m. EDT

— Wolfpack basketball is supposed to be headed to Raleigh's new sports arena. But N.C. State's chancellor, Larry Monteith, says he needs some assurances before he takes the team to the new arena.

He's also looking for some answers.

For example, who will name the building? NCSU alumnus Wendell Murphy, a wealthy pork producer, reportedly wants to donate $5 million to the university in exchange for naming rights.

Monteith says he also wants to know who is in charge and to be sure that the university's interests are protected.

The battle is not a new one. Centennial Authority members have said for weeks that an agreement with N.C. State is near. But some critics say N.C. State is slowing down the project.

The arena is scheduled to become the new home for the Carolina Hurricanes, a professional hockey team that is moving from Hartford to North Carolina this fall. The Hurricanes will play two seasons in Greensboro while the new arena is built.

Under a lease agreement with the Hurricanes, the arena will be managed by the hockey team rather than the Centennial Authority, which is overseeing fundraising and construction.