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Controversy Rages Over Tire Dump in Clayton

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CLAYTON — Some say it's an illegal eyesore. Others sayit's a potential new business. What it is is a tire dump that stateinspectors are taking a look at while the controversy continues.

A company called Tire Recyclers is collecting used tires for use in anew project to reduce hog farm odors. Hog waste is funneled through 15,000tires submerged in water. That, the recyclers say, significantly reducesthe odor by taking most of the waste out.

The problem is, the system hasn't been tested yet and state officials, along with neighbors of the tire company, say they aren't sure they wantto wait for it while all those tires pile up. Piles of tires can pose afire hazard and can become prime real estate for breeding mosquitos.

Ed Davis, of Tire Recyclers, is trying to appease them by looking atways to improve the appearance of the storage yard. Davis says he maycover the tires with camouflage tarps until the tires can be removed.

Bill Meyer, director of North Carolina Solid Waste, says the company'sidea to use tires to reduce hog farm odor is innovative, it has not beentested by them and that the company needs a permit for what it's doingnow.

Davis says he wants the controversy to stop and that the company justwants a chance to prove it's idea will work.

The tires are currently stored outdoors in bundles of 100 each. Davissays the company is not only interested in helping reduce hog farmproblems, it is also recycling thousands of tires. The company has about600,000 tires in the Clayton facility. They needeven more to do one hog farm.