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Veterans March In Dunn On Their Way To Washington, D.C.

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DUNN — Veterans from the two World Wars, Vietnam, Koreaand the Gulf War took to the streets Sunday as a part of "OperationThunderstorm", an effort to bring attention to issues involving veterans.

"We are out here for the MIA's, the POW's, for some truth andaccountability," said Karen Tallhamer, a veteran. "We are looking forsome answers."

With flags, fatigues and cadence, the marchers took their cause tothe town of Dunn in hopes of emphasizing issues like the many MIA's stillunaccounted for as well as affects of Gulf War Syndrome, Agent Orange andexposure to radiation.

"We are out here for show and tell, we have a lot of sick brothersand sisters out here," said Chris Hamrick, another of the marchers. "It'sobvious we need some answers so we can get some health care for some ofthem.

The group is leaving Dunn Monday morning. Their next stop isSmithfield.

In April, the vets began their march in Florida and are scheduledto arrive in the nation's capital on May 24.