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This Grad's Will Found a Way

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RALEIGH — She is decades older than her fellowgraduates, but that undoubtedly made Evelyn Pope's achievement evensweeter at Saturday's Shaw University graduation.

Pope's life had been busy and productive. She raised her children andhelped raise grandchildren, and then decided it was time for herself. At62 she earned her GED.

The next move was into a college classroom. And that led to herbachelor's degree, which was awarded Saturday.

Pope, now 66, says she hopes she is an inspiration to others,especially tograndchildren who are working for degrees themselves.

Her proud family has also been put on alert: Evelyn Pope's next goal isa master's in divinity. She has been accepted in Shaw's graduate school,so there is undoubtedly at least one more graduation for the family tocelebrate.

And could there be a PhD in her future?


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