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mothers day card

Posted May 7, 1997 12:00 a.m. EDT

— With Mothers Day quickly approaching, the hunt is on for the perfect card, but one Cary man already has the answer for those who don't know who their mothers are.

Ken Vrana, who was adopted, collects letters from others who are writing to the parents they never met. When he started looking for his biological parents he became frustrated by red tape and outdated laws.

He also discovered thousands of other people with the same problem, so he started a letter-writing campaign called the Mothers Day Project, to bring attention to the problem. The letters won't really be mailed to mothers. They're going straight to the White House.

Vrana says he decided to find out all he could about his biological parents' medical history after the birth of his daughter Caitlin.

Vrana started the long search for his birth parents. His adoptive father located his adoption papers which showed his birth name to be Curtis Blair and his mother's name as Joyce Blair. As his search continued, Vrana says he ran into many others who were frustrated by finding their birth and adoption records sealed.

Vrana started a letter writing campaign to bring awareness to the problem. By mail and by email, more than 60,000 letters have turned the Mothers Day Project into a nationwide campaign. All the letters are being sent to President Clinton.

Vrana says everyone should know who his or her mother is, but that the project is about more than that. He says this is a very public opportunity to thank the people who gave them the gift of life.

If you would like to get involved in the project, you can mail a letter to Vrana at The Mothers Day Project, 1939-125 High House Road, Cary, NC 27513, or send email tolvrana@concentric.net.

The project will be accepting cards through May 20.