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Hispanics Meet To Overcome Problems in New hom\

Posted May 6, 1997 12:00 a.m. EDT

— Hispanic leaders call it "the browning of America." More and more Hispanic and Latino people are moving to the United States, quickly becoming America's fastest-growing minority group. North Carolina is one of many states trying to smooth the way for these new Americans.

Hate crimes, discrimination, and education are just a few of the concerns for Hispanic and Latino leaders in North Carolina. Today, they met in Raleigh with the state's Human Relations Commission, trying to open a dialogue through opening minds. State Administration Secretary Katie Dorsett believes that the meeting was a golden opportunity to begin solving the problems Hispanics and Latinos face each day.

Organizers of the meeting wanted to remind people that Hispanic and Latino migrant workers supply valuable labor for farmers throughout the state. Those workers are integral to North Carolina's economy, as well as to the national economy, according to La Voz Latina Radio's Javier Castillo.

Today's brainstorming session was seen as an opportunity to exchange ideas through opening dialogue, all in hopes of appreciating the state's cultural diversity.