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School Principal Under Investigation Resigns

Posted May 2, 1997 12:00 a.m. EDT

— Gregory Norris has been the principal at North Garner Middle School for five years. Last Tuesday, he was suspended. Wednesday, he resigned his post.

School administrators say they are conducting an investigation that was brought on by an allegation that Norris was misusing school funds. Administrators say the misuse allegedly occurred when reimbursement was requested for a training session that apparently was not attended.

The investigation is ongoing and administrators would not reveal complete details, but Wake School Superintendent, James Surratt, says the money in question amounted to less than $1,000.

Surratt confirmed that a female teacher resigned the same day Norris did, but said there was no connection to the investigation.

Meanwhile, other possibly damaging information about Norris has surfaced. Surratt also confirmed that Norris has at least one, and perhaps three convictions for driving while impaired.

Students, teachers and parents are surprised, but school counselor Anita Barnes says they are taking it in stride.

Surratt says it is too early to know whether criminal charges will be filed against Norris. He would not speculate on whether others might be involved in the alleged misuse of money, but he did not discount the possibility.

Administrators are now looking for a new principal for North Garner Middle School.