Local News

Residents Clean Up After Yet Another Storm

Posted May 2, 1997 12:00 a.m. EDT

— Once again, the all too familiar sound of chain saws fills the air in the Triangle as area residents clean up the mess left by Thursday night's storms. Eastern Wake County was particularly hard-hit.

High winds blew through Zebulon, not far from the site of last year's tornado strike, taking a mobile home off of its foundation. Sheila Jordan was inside recovering from a broken collar bone she received just the day before, but luckily, she escaped with no more than a bump on the head by hiding in the trailer's bathroom.

In Wendell, winds ripped the roof off of Mary and Carl Wilson's mobile home. They were not home at the time.

In Raleigh, Geraldine McNair was injured when lightning struck a shovel she was carrying. She told WRAL-TV5 News that she was a little shaken up, but officials say she was not seriously hurt.

In Wilson, dozens of trees were blown down onto houses and power lines. In some areas, power was knocked out in entire subdivisions. Crews worked well into the night to restore power in some neighborhoods.

Farmers also felt the wrath of the storms. Friday, they surveyed crop damage. Hail pelted parts of Nash, Johnston, Wayne and Wilson Counties and many seedlings were found swimming in puddles of rainwater.

Tobacco farmer J.F. Scott says it's early enough in the season that he might be able to recover his crop.

Many leaves are torn or gone, but Scott says as long as the stems remain intact, plants can come back. He says it will require some extra work in the fields, but the season shouldn't be cut short.

Farmers are hoping for a few dry days so they can take heavy farm equipment back into the fields to replant.