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20 Cars Pile Up in Fayetteville

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FAYETTEVILLE — Thick fog is to blame for an accident early Wednesday morning in Cumberland County that involved 25vehicles. It occurred onHighway 24, less than a mile outside city limits during the early morning commute.

One trooper, an 11-year veteran of the force, said he had neverbefore seen this many cars involved in a single accident. Theintersection, which is situated near Interstate-95 and has a cautionlight, was littered with wrecked cars, tow trucks and troopers.

Some drivers said they tried to slow down once they saw thewreckage, but were unable to do so. Several troopers will have to combinetheir reports for review before they can determine who was at fault or ifthere will be any charges.

Area residents say there have been several accidents at thatintersection, but never one so massive. Six months ago a pedestrian wasstruck and killed there while trying to cross Highway 24.

Those involved in Wednesday's crash say they hope itnever happens again. Hubert Weeks says his car was hit from behindrepeatedly.

Near the site, two other onlooker accidents occurred.

Area residents say there should be more than just a caution light atthat intersection. Troopers say they doubt if anything else would havehelped these drivers in Wednesday morning's thick fog.

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