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Thief Takes ,000 in Boy Scout Equipment

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RALEIGH — Wake County deputies say someone stole autility trailer filled with camping supplies belonging to Boy Scout Troop33.

Scouts who meet at Millbrook United Methodist Church are devastated.The combined value of the trailer and its contents was about $10,000. Thatwas money the scouts had earned with car-washes and other fundraisingactivities. Troop 33 was formed 12 years ago.

Scout Albert Manson says the thief obviously has no respect for anyoneor anything.

Scout Leader Art Ferguson says the boys put in a lot of work to earnthe money to buy all that equipment.

To replace all the stoves, lanterns, tents, cooking gear and otherstolen items, the troop will have to earn and spend all those thousands ofdollars again.

The Wake County Sheriff's Department is investigating the theft, buthas few leads. They say the gear could be in another state by now or couldbe painted and sold. If you know anything about this crime, please callthe sheriff's department at 919-856-6800.

The troop had planned to go on a camping trip the last weekend in May.Scout leaders say they're still planning to go and that, somehow, they'llfind a way.

If you would like to send a contribution to help the scouts get back ontheir feet, you may call Marty Jones at 919-872-0319.

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