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N.C. Delegates Return From Summit Fired Up

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RALEIGH — Governor Jim Hunt and others from NorthCarolina who attended this week's Summit for America's Future inPhiladelphia have come home with plans to build a better future forAmerica's children. Their battle cry is "mentor".

There were speeches from President and Mrs. Clinton and formerPresident George Bush on the closing day in the City of BrotherlyLove. Those in attendance said it was much like a pep rally to senddelegates home with the spirit of volunteerism, and the desire to recruitothers.

The overall message was that volunteers must work with at-risk childrennationwide, if possible in a one-on-one basis. Governor Hunt saysmentoring is a concept that works, but there aren't currently enoughmentors to go around.

He has already announced that a North Carolina summit will take placein the fall, possibly in September. Other delegates will organizemini-summits in their communities to inspire volunteerism at the grassroots level.

East Garner Middle School currently has a mentoring program in placewith five Americorps volunteers to work with 25 students. School officialssay they want to see some mentors with a real sense of commitment. They'dalso like to see corporations allow employees time to serve.

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