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Dangerous Waters Tempt Thrill-Seekers

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DURHAM — All it takes is a couple of inches of rain toraise waters in the Haw and Eno Rivers to dangerously high levels, andthat's all it takes to draw thrill-seekers into harm's way.

Kayakers flock to theflood-swollen rivers rivers in search of a big ride. They say anexperienced kayaker can handle the water with no problem, but rescueworkers say it's a dangerous practice that costs taxpayers a great deal ofmoney when search and rescue operations get underway. It can also costfamilies a lot more when those operations are unsuccessful.

A kayaker on the Eno had to be pulled to safety by a helicopter Tuesdaywhen raging waters got the best of him. In Durham County, rescue workerspulled a swimmer out of the water only to watch in frustration as he laterwent back in.

Rescue workers say they understand the temptation, but that the risksare too great. The biggest threat to those who dare to enter are trees inthe water.


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