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Charleston Chief Dazzles Durham

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DURHAM — Charleston's police chief Reuben Greenbergmakes a lot of speeches. The one he delivered 10 days ago to the annualmeeting of the Durham Chamber of Commerce has led city leadership todecide Greenberg would be perfect to fill the city's vacant post of chiefof police.

Greenberg, however, says he's not interested in moving, and that suchcomments occur fairly frequently after he gives a speech. Having cutcrime in Charleston by 50 percent over the past 15 years, the chief has anational reputation as an effective crime fighter. He has written abook, "Let's Take Back Our Streets."

The chief, 53, adds that his wife doesn't want to move, and that heenjoys his other job, teaching at Centerville College.

Durham leaders, meanwhile, are undeterred. They want to talk with himfurther about the opportunities Durham would present, and that it wouldenable him to prove his philosophy once again.

And if they don't get Greenberg? They've decided someone exactly likehim would be just the ticket.

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