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Routine Check in Cumberland County Nets Guns

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FAYETTEVILLE — A routine check of the bus station fordrugs netted instead a cache of guns, and has diverted two travelers whohad been heading to New York. They are now in Cumberland County jail.

I-95 has long been a conduit for drugs along the east coast; nowFayetteville law officers are wondering if moving guns is part of thepicture as well.

Fayetteville Sgt. Edwin Burns says guns have been picked upinthe past, but not so many as this haul, which included 12 hand guns, 10boxes of bullets, $1000 in cash, a counterfeit bill and bogus paychecks aswell.

The property was found in travel bags. Now policehave Richard Germanyand Quentin Mims, both from Georgia, in custody. Each has been chargedwith carrying a concealed weapon and possession of a firearm by aconvicted felon.

Officials say guns can be bought in the South relatively cheaply, takento New York and resold at significant profit. They say that Mims andGermany may have been involved in an illegal operation that extended fromFlorida to New York.

The ATF and Secret Service have both joined theFayetteville investigation.

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