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Woman Gives Birth at 63

Posted April 24, 1997 12:00 a.m. EDT

— It's believed to be the world's oldest successful pregnancy.

A 63-year-old California woman has given birth to a healthy girl.

Word of the birth late last year comes today from doctors at the University of Southern California's Program for Assisted Reproduction.

Doctors didn't know the woman's true age when she first sought help three years ago. She said she was 50. The U.S.C. program doesn't accept women over age 55.

The program's director says the woman sailed through medical tests to determine if she could withstand the rigors of pregnancy. Dr. Richard Paulson says it's remarkable that a 63-year-old woman could successfully deliver a healthy child.

The woman conceived through in vitro fertilization, using a donor egg.

The woman's husband is 60. They have no other children.

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