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Daughters ... and Sons ... Go to Work With Parents

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FORT BRAGG — Take your daughter to work. It started in 1993 as a movement to enable young girls to find out what the workplace isreally like and to help build their self-esteem,but it has grown into a broader program for even more people. Now, mothersandfathers take daughtersandsons, and it's not justparents' jobs ondisplay.

Thursday at Fort Bragg, children had the opportunity to learn aboutmany different jobs at a special career fair just for kids.

Krystal Landers said she had fun both at the fair and at her mother'sworkplace.

Career mom Janice Hunter said her daughter got a valuable experience byspending time in Hunter's workplace.

The children at Fort Bragg got treated to lunch with their parents.Most of the children said they liked having boys and girls there. Parentssay it gives all children a better sense of what options they will have inthe future.

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