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Whaler's Owner Visits Greensboro

Posted April 23, 1997 12:00 a.m. EDT

— The fate of Raleigh's future in the world of hockey might rest in the hands of a neighboring city. The owner of the homeless Hartford Whalers visited Greensboro Wednesday to see that city's coliseum.

Whalers' owner Peter Karmanos has narrowed his search for a new team home to two cities: Raleigh and Columbus, Ohio. While Raleigh has plans to start construction on its new arena next month, and Columbus citizens will soon vote on a referendum to build an even bigger one there, neither city has a completed site in which the National Hockey League team could play.

Enter Greensboro.

Karmanos looked at the facility and said it would do nicely as an interim site.

Karmanos would have to transform an old McDonnell Douglas manufacturing plant in Columbus, but he says other factors also come into play. He said he has no intention to pit Raleigh and Columbus against each other.

Karmanos says he will make his decision soon and that it won't be based upon whether or not Columbus voters opt for the arena there.