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Phoney Money Found in Wilson

Posted April 23, 1997 12:00 a.m. EDT

— Police in Wilson say counterfeiters have been trying to pass fake $20 bills all over town. Police say they've made a couple of arrests, but that they are not sure how these suspects fit into the counterfeit scheme.

The bills are said to be remarkably well made, and investigators believe the culprit is using a personal computer to generate the phoney money. But, they say anyone can spot the fakes if they know what to look for.

The most obvious test is the texture of the bills. Real money has fibers in it. Most counterfeit bills are slick to the touch. Detective Bryant Gibson of the Wilson Police Department says the counterfeit money doesn't like real money.

Seven businesses in Wilson County have reported finding the fake money while normally, counterfeit bills are only reported in one or two places. That's why police think a local person might be making the bills.

They advise business people to take their time and be observant when handling money. Those trying to pass the money off as real tend to place the fake bills in between real ones when making a purchase.