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College Students to Legislature: Stop Drunk Drivers

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RALEIGH — Last week, 1,600 high school studentsdemonstrated in front of the legislative building in Raleigh. This week,it's college students who want lawmakers to hear their plea for tougherpenalties against drunk drivers.

Many of the students had stories of personal tragedy which motivatedthem to seek out lawmakers. Students from Wake Forest University facedlegislators with the story of two classmates who were killed by drunkdrivers.

Jonathan Perry said the deaths affected an entire college community.

Wake Forest President Thomas Hearn said the young women who were killedwere deeply mourned.

University leaders from Wake Forest, Duke, UNC and NC State have joinedstudents and Lt. Governor Dennis Wicker in backing a tough DWI packagewhich includes longer sentences, treatment while imprisoned, andimpounding vehicles driven by drunk drivers.

Student Jayme Head says with student representatives visiting eachlawmaker, they're bound to have a strong, positive effect.

Tuesday morning, a House committee approved the DWI package and sent itto the full House for a vote.

A Senate committee is still considering the bill.