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Finally! Commissioners and Council Agree on Arena

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RALEIGH — After months of disagreements and politicalpower-plays, the Wake County Commissioners agreed Monday to the RaleighCity Council's plan to pay for a proposed arena.

The Centennial Authority was formed 20 months ago to find a way tobuild a multi-purpose arena on the North Carolina State University campus.Ground has been broken, but the project eventually ground to a halt whilepoliticians went first one way, then the other on how best to fund theproject.

Wake County Commission Chairperson Stewart Adcock says he thinkseveryone did a good job, but feels Wake County compromised the most.

A hotel tax will now add $48 million to the pot to pay for thefacility. The deal comes at a time when the Authority is trying to lurethe Hartford Whalers hockey team to Raleigh. Owner Peter Karmanos willvisit Raleigh this week for a second look.

Commissioner Adcock says he thinks the arena can be successful with orwithout the National Hockey League.

Construction bids for the arena will open in May of this year, withconstruction expected to begin by mid-June.