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Oxford Residents March Against Crime

Posted April 19, 1997 12:00 a.m. EDT

— This Granville County spot, graced by wide streets and fine old homes, looks like the quintessential quiet Southern town. But crime has made its way here, just as it has so many other places, and Friday some residents marched in protest.

Residents of the Orange Street neighborhood turned out by the hundreds for an afternoon march, joining police in the fight against crime and violence.

In the past year, nine neighborhood watch groups have been established. The police department hopes to get even more up and running.

Officer Kenneth Rickman says small town police departments fight the same crimes as big city departments do, it's just that there are fewer cases because populations are smaller.

Local speakers exhorted the marchers to work with police and to remain vigilant about goings-on in their neighborhoods. One person proclaimed it was time for "reformation, transformation and restoration."

Oxford police say they have made many drug busts in the area, only to see the dealers return. They say they need the community's constant support to rid the streets of crime.