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Large Highways Safer Than Smaller Roads

Posted April 17, 1997 12:00 a.m. EDT

— Four-lane highways are significantly safer than two-lane roads, in spite of higher speed limits and heavier traffic, statistics show.

Three of four people who die in car crashes are killed on two-lane roads, not the multi-lane superhighways, according to the Road Information Program.

State troopers say that the figures are not surprising. Sgt. Jeff Winstead of the North Carolina Highway Patrol says big highways are safer than two-lane roads for a number of reasons.

Four-lane roads are also safer because motorists can always aim for the paved shoulders of big highways in an emergency. On smaller roads, one move off of the pavement can be deadly.

In spite of the statitistics, troopers say that most accidents are caused by human error, and safer roads will not save motorists who don't use common sense behind the wheel.