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"Date Rape" Pill Found in Cumberland County

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FAYETTEVILLE — A Cumberland County pharmacist has putout a warning...the so-called "date rape" drug has surfaced in the area.

If it is slipped into a drink, the illegal pill can cause a six- to12-hour blackout.

The pharmacist came across the pill when a concerned parent called thestore. The mother said she found three suspicious pills in her son'sjeans. The pharmacist determined they were the "date rape" drug that hasbeen imported illegally into this country.

The pill's nickname derives from women's suspicions they have had sex,and have submitted for medical testing to verify the fact, but have norecollection of it. They say instead that they had been drinking at aparty, blacked out or only have vague recollections of what occurred.

The scientific name of the drug is rohypnol, which is in the same familyas Valium. It is, however, much stronger.

The pills have made their way into the hands of high school and collegestudents, and are used with the intent to take advantage of someone else.Students at Fayetteville State University say they have not seen the pillyet.

Jason Davis told WRAL-TV5 reporterRickGallthat he has heard talk about the drug, but has not seen it yet.

Some students worry that the drug will make its way to their campus.Khanya McElveen said she would be very concerned.

Students expressed concern over another drug that almost killed twocollege students near East Carolina University in Greenville. They mixedan unapproved body-building drug with alcohol at an off-campus party. Thedrug has developed a reputation for causing hallucinations, sexual desireand euphoria.

Fayetteville State officials have kept an eye out for the two drugs,but haven't found any. Cumberland law enforcement officials warn thateven though none has been implicated in any incidents so far, that doesn'tmean the pills aren't on the streets.