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School Bus Safety Takes Front Seat

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RALEIGH — There were extra pairs of eyes looking out thewindows of school buses across North Carolina Tuesday, trying to spotproblems before someone's child gets killed.

The riders were school officials and the reason they rode was topromote school safety and get an idea of how many drivers pass schoolbuses illegally.

As it turned out, there were many who simply kept going when the buseswere stopped with their stop-signs standing out.

It's not as if the rules were difficult. The law states, if the bus isstopped and has warning lights on, do not pass.

North Carolina School Transportation Director Wyatt Harper says thepossible result of disobeying this law is a major tragedy.

Bus drivers say catching the illegal drivers is particularly difficultbecause the drivers are too busy concentrating on driving and watching thechildren to take down license numbers.