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Vietnam Veteran's Remains Finally Laid to Rest

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HENDERSON — Thirty years ago, a U.S. Marine A-4Efighter plane was shot out of the skies over South Vietnam, its pilotlisted as killed in action. But it wasn't until January of this year thathis remains were identified. This past weekend, the long ordeal for thepilot's Henderson family finally came to an end.

Marine Capt. W.C. Clay was finally laid to rest in his hometownSaturday. American Legion Commmander Julian Oliver was present at thefuneral service. He said it was another of many stories coming to an end.

Captain Clay wasn't just a hometown hero, he was also an American hero.Marine jets flew over the service in tribute to the fallen hero, heard,but unseen above a thick cloud cover. On the ground, more than 100mourners ignored rainy weather.

While the Vietnam War is over, Clay's funeral was a reminder to many ofa battle that's still being waged by families and friends of soldiersstill missing in action. Vietnam veteran John Herina said he came to paytribute to a fellow veteran, even as he hopes for news of others.

Capt. Clay was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for heroism andsuperior professional skill. He also received six Air Medals, the GoldStar, and a Purple Heart.

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