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The Clock is Ticking for Taxes

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RALEIGH — Instead of "tick-tock, tick-tock" do yourclocks seem to be saying "tax-time, tax-time?" Just a few hours are leftuntil the deadline of midnight April 15.

The last-minute flurry of activity may be eased somewhat by computerprograms that can help you figure, and by forms available for thedownloading from the IRS.

Still, nothing much can help the avalanche headed for post officesacross the country. Many of them will extend hours to deal with those ofus who race crosstown, tax envelope clutched in hand, ready to toss it inabin right at the post office.

Postal clerks, of course, feel the strain. In the Raleigh area alone,250,000 to 300,000 additional pieces of mail will be forced through thesystem. That means some long hours for postal workers.

When doing your taxes, remember to double-check everything --including your signature in the right spot -- and to putthe right amount of postage on the envelope before mailing.

And, before feeling too sad for yourself, remember that the post officeemployees not only have to deal with everything we are tossing at them,they also had to do their own taxes BEFORE the deadline!