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Newspapers Report Calif. Woman Tops UNC List

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CHAPEL HILL — Several of the state's newspapers reportthat a woman who holds the number two post at the California StateUniversity system is thought to be top choice to head the UNC system.

Margaret Corbett Broad, 56, has been executive vice chancellor of theCalState system since 1993, dealing closely with 23 campuses, the system'sBoard of Trustees and the state legislature.

Still, for all her experience, she may not be a shoo-in. She wouldbe both the first woman and the first person from outside the state toassume the post. Her lack of ties to North Carolina has been cited byseveral board members and observers as a potentially negative factor.

The 32-member UNC Board of Trustees has been called to Chapel Hilltoday by chairman C.C. Cameron for a "personnel matter." No moreinformation was provided in the one-paragraph memo faxed to the boardmembers.

Speculation has it that the meeting is to hear a report from the searchcommittee. If the board votes and agrees on a candidate today, the newpresident would address the board immediately after the votes are counted.

The search committee has operated in strict secrecy for more than eightmonths, and the full board may accept or reject its recommendation.

The new president would replace C.D. Spangler, who is retiring June 30.Spangler, 64, has held the job since 1986. William Friday was the firstpresident of the multi-campus system; his tenure ran 30 years, dating from1956.

Broad holds a bachelor's degree in economics from Syracuse, a master'sin economics from Ohio State, and she is a PhD. candidate in economics atSyracuse.

The California system has a $4 billion budget, and 340,000 studentsacross 22 campuses. The UNC system has a $2.1 billion budget, and 154,000students on 16 campuses.

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