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Wake County School Board Presents Compromise Plan

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RALEIGH — Achieving racial balance and easing schoolovercrowding in Wake County has proven to be quite a difficult task forthe school board. Parents and board members clashed in a public meeting Monday night. But at its regular Tuesday meeting the board came up with a surprising compromise that should please many parents.

The compromise plan is designed to improve diversity at year-roundschools, butwill require far less moving of students than the original plan. Accordingto the reworked plan, students will still be base-assigned to year-roundschools, but can refuse that assignment if they so desire. In most cases,students will remain in their current schools.

Under the original proposal, most would have been sent to a newtraditional school farther from their homes if they had refused theiryear-round school proposal.

Now, many parents will have the option to allow their kids to staywhere they are if that's what they want, or they can choose to havetheir children attend a year-round school.

In terms of the overcrowding issue, the board has decided to capfour schools: Apex High, Davis Drive Middle and Elementary, and East CaryMiddle Schools. That decision means that, after May 2, 1997, anyone whomoves into newly built homes in those school zones will attend a differentschool.

The overall plan affects about 2,000 students. At least one parent whoattended the Tuesday session says he thinks this is a plan he can livewith.

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