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Police Charge Man with Murdering Raleigh Mom

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RALEIGH — Police made an arrest Wednesday in thedeath of a Raleigh woman, who was found dead inher Southeast Raleigh duplex apartment a day earlier.

Raleigh police charged George Cameron Jr., 30, with first-degree murderin the death of Christa Reeves.

Reeves' 9-year-old daughter found her mother's body, then she andher6-year-old brother called their grandfather, the victim's father.

Joseph Riley, told WRAL-TV5'sMark Robertsabout the phone call from his grandaughter.

Riley said his daughter's throat was slashed, and a gag was stuffed inher mouth. He said his grandchildren told him they saw their motherarguing with a man late Monday night. Even though the childrenwere in the house all night, he said he does not think they witnessed thecrime.

Relatives were allowed to accompany the children when they were takento police headquarters to talk to police about what they saw or knew.

Neighbors said they heard a noise from the home Monday around 11 p.m.,but police are still investigating how the woman died. They said theneighborhood, and particularly the victim's house, is usually veryquiet. The deceased woman was identified as Christa Reeves.

Neighbors say Reeves worked at a downtown Raleigh bank and EricMcKoy said some thoughtsomething might be wrong when her car was still parked in front of theduplex after she ordinarily would have left for work.

Riley says he will now take care of his two grandchildren. Raleigh policesay they are at a point in their investigation where they don't want tosay much about the case yet.

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