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Cumberland County Girl Abducted on Way to School

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CUMBERLAND COUNTY — Police in Cumberland Countyhave advised children to walk straight home from school Tuesday after a man abducted and attempted to rape an 11-year-old Benjamin MartinElementary School student Monday.

Parents and children are taking a new look at what just yesterday wasan innocent walk to school. First-grader Tavienne Sanders says he wasscared on the way to school Tuesday.

Most parents whose children walk to the school each day made otherplans for transportation Tuesday. Tamara Payton says she wasn't taking anychances on letting her children walk alone.

The neighborhood watch has increased its patrols since theabduction, and, like many parents, Lisa Savage was thereto meet her two children after school

The girl was kidnapped while walking to school on Amberly Way Lane in theLaGrange Park subdivision, just off Reilly Road. The girl was notseriously physically hurt during the abduction.

Sheriff Moose Butler said the man pulled the girl into his car and droveher to a nearby wooded area. After the attempted rape, the man drove thegirl back to the school where he dropped her off.

The student told adults at the school what had happened and she was takento Womack Army Medical Center.

The assailant is being described by police as a black man, between 25 and30 years old. He was wearing shorts, a T-shirt and blue Nike tennis shoesat the time of the abduction. The car he was driving was a light coloredunknown model.

Until the suspect is caught, parents say they will find very littlepeace in what was once an ordinary walk home.