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Violent Weekend in Wilson

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WILSON — Cities and towns that once seemed immune tobig-city crime are now realizing that they aren't. For the third time injust 48 hours -- and the fourth time in less than a month -- gunfire ledto death in Wilson.

The latest killing occurred Monday morning about 2:30 at CarverMobile Home Park.

Killed was Allen Lamont Grant, 29, of Faversham Place in Raleigh.

WilliamEdwards told WRAL-TV5'sBrian Bowmanthat a group of men were playing cards in his trailer when two menEdwards had never seen before burst in and started yelling and firing.

Edwards speculates the intruders wanted cash stakes from his card game.

Edwards said the gunfire exchange lasted a few seconds, then one of theintruders ran from the trailer and fell to the ground where he later diedfrom a gunshot wound in the chest.

Patricia Batts was in bed when the shooting began, but she said shewoke up in time to see the two men run through her bedroom.

No arrests have been made in the case.

Police believe two deaths that resulted from another shootingincident Saturday night were the result of adomestic dispute. A suspect has been taken into custody in connection withthat shooting. A strangling death on East Vance Street earlier this monthand the Monday shooting both remain unsolved crimes.

Wilson police say they haven't seen this many murders so close togetherin many years, but they insist random violence is the cause.

Grant is the fourth homicide victim since March 11.