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Logging Truck Found to Have Safety Problems

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DURHAM — There are questions in the minds of many aboutthe safety of big rigs that share the roads with the rest of us. Thedriver of a logging truck, Ronald Jenkins, is now facing charges inconnection with anaccident that killed two.

The investigation is raising questions about safety on the Triangle'sroads. Investigators say the logging truck was in violation of severalsafety regulations. The truck collided with a car in Durham Saturdayafter Jenkins, 38, ran a red light, authorities say.

Paul Carlton and Mae Walker, who were in the car, died instantly.

Troopers say the tractor-trailer had no brakes and that the logs itcarried were not properly secured. The truck had not been inspected sinceJuly 1995.

The Division of Motor Vehicles polices big rigs. They say while not alldrivers are in violation, loggers do seem to have more trouble than othertruckers since they often have to travel on unpaved road.

The 50 DMV officers who patrol North Carolina's roads try to makerandom safety checks of all trucks. When they find a safety hazard, theyorder rigs to park on the side of the road until the owner can getcorrect violations.

Last month during a truck safety check in Roxboro, 75 violations wereissued in the first four hours.


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