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Residents Say Landfill Making Them Sick

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Cumberland County landfill
FAYETTEVILLE — Some Fayetteville residents say livingnext to the Cumberland County landfill is making them sick and Fridaythey took their message to the streets.

It's not a new protest. Residents say they've been fighting to have thecounty pay to move them away from the site since the landfill wasbuilt in 1980.Two years ago, 30 residentsweremoved, but those who remain saytheir time has come.

Resident Jean McDonald says many in the Eufala Street area have gottenseriously ill.

Each year, the county conducts two tests at the landfill. So far, noneof the studies have found significant health risks associated with livingnear the site.

The landfill is regulated by both the state and the county. Newregulations will close part of the old landfill in December and a new,fully-lined landfill is scheduled to go up less than a mile away.

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